Katherine GrahamI studied at Rhodes University, majoring in Journalism and French and graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts. My first assignment was as an intern at the South African Broadcasting Corporation, where I learned the ropes as an economics radio reporter (back in the day when Chris Stals was still Reserve Bank governor). When the SABC launched its bi-media programme in 1999, I moved across to TV, working on inserts for the 8pm News on SABC3 and the late-night Business Beat. My work took me to the Election Results Centre for the 1999 national election, to Brussels for the introduction of the euro in 2000 and to the Pretoria High Court for the takeover bid by Nedcorp for Stanbic (which failed).

After three years as an economics reporter, it was time to spread my wings and travel. I went to the UK on a work-and-travel visa right after the WTC’s Twin Towers collapsed in September 2001. The mood was sombre and I was fortunate to find work in the city of London. I managed to travel within the UK and Europe on my meagre earnings, exploring Scotland, Austria and Lille in France. Returning to South Africa, I studied a PGCE in primary school education, taught for nine months at a private Christian school, au paired briefly in Normandy and returned to marry my husband.

Since then, I have fully re-immersed myself in the world of media, working first for Independent Online as a web editor and then as a feature writer for niche publisher Picasso Headline. After my firstborn’s arrival in 2009, I gave up working in the corporate world, opting instead to work for myself. Word Count was officially launched in September of that year and I have not looked back since. I write business articles for khuluma, kulula’s in-flight magazine, and for the Jet ClubCard magazine, as well as contributing the odd online travel review. I also am the sub-editor of Architecture SA, the bi-monthly publication of the South African Institute of Architects.

Creative writing is the next step I would like my career to take. I am brooding over a number of writing projects at the moment, including three children’s books, a one-woman play and a historial-romance novel. South Africa, with its fractured history and stark social differences, is rich in stories that are waiting to be told. I find this at once daunting and hugely exciting.

I write through the lens of my faith in Christ. I feel honoured that God made us, his human creatures, in his own image, yearning to create just as he himself created us. My prayer is that my work, my sacrifice, may be a pleasing aroma in his nostrils.

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